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T. Rowe Price Foundation: The Sustainability Mindset


The T. Rowe Price Foundation is partnering with Spectrum Nonprofit Services to foster the Sustainability Mindset among nonprofits through a series of interactive webinars.

There is a deep interconnectedness between a nonprofit’s ability to be financially viable and to have impact. For an organization to achieve greater sustainability, it needs to not only invest in the right revenue strategies but must also understand the true costs of its activities and the impact they have.

By understanding and aligning these components, the impact and financial strategies become reinforcing – growing and evolving as the organization achieves its mission.

Therefore, we define sustainability as encompassing both:

  • Financial sustainability (the ability to generate resources to meet the needs of the present without compromising the future) AND
  • Programmatic sustainability (the ability to develop, mature, and cycle out programs to be responsive to constituencies over time).

What is “sustainable” is constantly changing as the environment in which nonprofits operate changes.

Sustainability is an orientation, not a destination.  As such, truly sustainable organizations have leadership with a shared understanding of what is driving their impact and financial viability and are able to make ongoing strategic decisions while holding both of these elements together.

To build this leadership we use the matrix map – a visual depiction of an organization’s business model – or how every program contributes to the organization’s sustainability – impact and profitability.

The Matrix Map Process, Strategic Issues, and Defining Programs

September 19, 2023; 3-4:30 ET


Welcome & Cohort Overview: 00:08; Strategic Challenges: 08:04; Defining Sustainability: 14:22; The Matrix Map: 24:30; Intended Impact: 31:52; Defining Programs: 44:48; Next Steps: 51:48


Mission Impact Assessment

October 3, 2023; 3-4:30 ET


Welcome & Recap: 00:09; Intended Impact Group Discussion: 10:20; Assessing Mission Impact Overview: 28:00; Impact Criteria: 36:10; How to Complete the Mission Impact Assessment: 51:34; Next Steps: 10:05:34


Determining Profitabiltiy

October 17, 2023; 3-4:30 ET


Welcome & Recap Discussion: 00:10; Programmatic Profitability: 21:18;  True Costs: 25:00; Staffing Plan: 44:50; Revenue Allocation: 1:00:17; Questions: 1:07:45; Next Steps: 1:14:00


Plotting Your Matrix Map

October 31, 2023; 3-4:30 ET


Welcome & Introducing the Map: 00:08; Questions: 09:20;  Template Walk-Thru: 14:45; How Do Your Bubbles Cluster?: 26:53; Questions To Ask: 33:55; Next Steps: 37:45


Strategic Imperatives of the Matrix Map

November 14, 2023; 3-4:30 ET


Welcome & Process Recap: 00:08; Questions: 10:50;  Strategic Questions: 20:00; Business Model Statement: 34:43; Strategic Inquiries: 41:36;  Parting Thoughts & Questions: 1:01:00


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