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Our Expertise

Through our strategic consulting services, we create a resilient nonprofit strategy that lets you pivot when necessary and get back to focusing on what matters most: serving your community.

Nonprofit Consulting Services

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Nonprofit Strategy & Business Models

“I need help creating a plan for our organization’s future.”

We know how difficult it is to ensure that every aspect of your organization is working in harmony. Spectrum Nonprofit’s consulting services allow us to align your leadership, finances, and mission to create a strategy that maximizes your impact and financial viability.

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Financial Strategy

“I’m struggling to align our mission and our finances.”

Without the funding to achieve your goals, even the most important initiatives can’t gain traction. Through our nonprofit consulting engagement, we’ll collaborate to develop a business model that ensures your mission and your money are truly in sync.

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Revenue Strategy

“I’m finding it difficult to balance the cost and impact of what we want to achieve.”

You have a plan to meet your community’s needs. Now, you need a way to pay for it. Through our nonprofit consulting services, we’ll pinpoint the optimal opportunities to align your impact with revenue generation.

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Organization & Programmatic Impact

“I’m struggling to demonstrate how our programs add value.”

We know you provide an extraordinary amount of value to the community you’re serving. Through our strategic consulting services, we’ll work together to define your purpose and devise strategies to accomplish it.

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Board Governance

“Our board and staff have different goals, even though we’re serving the same mission.”

An engaged and aligned board and staff is one of a nonprofit’s best assets. Through our nonprofit consulting services, we’ll work together to build a culture of trust and accountability across your executive and lay leadership.

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Strategy Implementation & Operations

“I need help with implementing strategy and actionable objectives.”

We worked together on nonprofit consulting to create an adaptive strategy for your nonprofit. Let’s implement that strategy to achieve your organizational goals and drive measurable results.

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