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Spectrum is a strategy firm with a passion for solving strategic challenges with organizations to strengthen nonprofit sustainability.

A Shared Passion

Partnering with you to drive meaningful change.

We have the privilege of working with exceptional people driven to create vibrant communities.

Steve Zimmerman
Our Story

It started with

Steve Zimmerman

He founded Spectrum in 2007 with the strong belief that nonprofit organizations are the force for change in many communities. To sustain such crucial impact, Steve helped write the book on sustainability, joining other leaders in recognizing the inseparability of a nonprofit's mission from its finances.

Since then, we've grown our team and our expertise to more effectively tackle strategic challenges confronting nonprofit leaders. But our mission has remained the same: to strengthen yours.

Meet The Team

Meet the team

It’s a big decision to hire a consultant. Letting people into your organization to examine what you do and how you do it can be daunting. It requires a lot of trust. Get to know the Spectrum team.

Alexander Porte


Alexander Porte is an Associate at Spectrum Nonprofit Services, where he supports strategy projects, operations, and business development. Prior to joining Spectrum, Porte served as the Program and Communications Manager for The Chain Collaborative, a US-based nonprofit that partners with and invests in the vision of change leaders within coffee growing communities across East Africa and Latin America. Previously, Porte worked as an analyst for Willis Towers Watson, a risk and advisory consulting firm specializing in employer-sponsored benefits solutions, where he garnered experience in project management, strategy, financial analysis, and client service. He entered the nonprofit sector through a fellowship opportunity with Mama Hope, an organization dedicated to supporting the projects of local change agents across East Africa. As a fellow, he partnered with the Budondo Intercultural Center in the Luuka District, Eastern Region, Uganda and worked to scale-up the organization’s M&E and sustainability initiatives. Porte received his B.S. in International Health from Georgetown University; he has lived in the United States, Ghana, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Shelly Schnupp


Shelly Schnupp, MPA is a Consultant with Spectrum Nonprofit Services. She specializes in nonprofit organizational and board capacity assessment, strategic and organizational planning, performance measurement and compliance, program analysis, development and outcomes measurement, and aspects of nonprofit governance and management. She has designed tools and delivered training on these topics at local, regional and national conferences as well as online. Over the past twenty-five years, Shelly served in positions of leadership for a range of local, regional, and national organizations including YWCA Southeast Wisconsin and UWM’s Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management. Shelly earned a master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Illinois and has a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She works to bridge research and community practice, benefiting students and nonprofits that are seeking information and tools to improve their work. Shelly currently teaches graduate-level courses for public and nonprofit administration students in the Department of Public and Nonprofit Administration at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Current courses include Nonprofit Revenue Streams and Program Evaluation and Policy Analysis. She serves as managing director for Project Pivot.

Steve Zimmerman


Steven Zimmerman, CPA, MBA is the Principal of Spectrum Nonprofit Services where he provides training and consulting in the areas of finance and strategy for community-based organizations, foundations and government agencies throughout the country. Steve is a co-author of two books on nonprofit sustainability published by Jossey-Bass, The Sustainability Mindset: Using the Matrix Map to Make Strategic Decisions with Jeanne Bell of CompassPoint published in 2014 and the best-selling book Nonprofit Sustainability: Making Strategic Decisions for Financial Viability with Jeanne Bell and Jan Masaoka of CalNonprofits published in 2010. The books highlight Spectrum’s integrated approach to nonprofits which balances mission impact and financial viability. Steve’s writing has also appeared in The Nonprofit Quarterly, the Finance and Strategy column for Blue Avocado, and various BoardSource publications. Prior to starting Spectrum, Steve was a Projects Director with CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, one of the nation’s leading nonprofit consulting, training and research providers. Steve’s extensive nonprofit experience includes serving as a Chief Financial Officer, Development Director and Associate Director at community-based nonprofits where he performed turnarounds resulting in increased financial sustainability and programmatic reach. He is a Certified Public Accountant and earned a BA from Claremont McKenna College and an MBA from Yale University.

Our pillars


We use our knowledge and tools to break down the intricacies of nonprofit management and finance to engage your whole team around strategic challenges. By listening to your goals and priorities, and earning your trust throughout our process, we build lasting relationships that lead to greater success in implementation.


Sustainability is an orientation, not a destination. It’s the choices that you make day in and day out that will allow your organization to have impact in a financially viable way. We respect where your organization has been but also help you see what it can become.


Nonprofits today can’t afford to think about strategy once every five years. They need flexible strategic models that are meant to adapt to the inevitable bumps in the road. We’re strategic problem-solvers, helping you balance internal demands and external pressures.


There’s no one solution to sustainability, so we work together to find an answer for you. We equip your organization with the ability to involve everyone, from the program assistant to the board chair, ensuring that you have the knowledge and skills to own your strategy.

Our Books

The Sustainability Mindset:
Using the Matrix Map to Make Strategic Decisions

Nonprofit sustainability lies at the intersection of exceptional impact and financial viability. The matrix map is a powerful tool for strategic decision making which puts this intersection in the hands of nonprofit leaders.

Recipient 2015 Terry McAdam Book Award for Nonprofit Management by The Alliance for Nonprofit Management and the Cause Planet 2015 Choice Award.
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nonprofit sustainability
nonprofit sustainability

Nonprofit Sustainability:
Making Strategic Decisions for Financial Viability

This how-to book offers nonprofit executives and board members a simple yet powerful framework for analyzing and adjusting their business models for greater organizational sustainability. It introduces the Matrix Map, a practical tool for determining the current impact and financial performance of core programs and fundraising activities.

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