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Earlier this year, Spectrum Nonprofit Services conducted a pulse check to gather insights from our clients and partners in the nonprofit sector. The topics covered in our inquiry ranged from organizational goals and challenges, funding trends, impact, and strategic planning. 

We are happy to share the results of this effort in this downloadable link and have included a few of our key takeaways below: 

  • Growth Focus: Many nonprofits are in growth mode, with a strong emphasis on recruiting/retaining talent and serving more people.
  • Increased Demand: An impressive 72% of respondents reported a surge in program demand, highlighting the essential role nonprofits play in meeting community needs.
  • Financing Growth: Fundraising remains the top challenge, with 65% of organizations identifying it as a significant hurdle.
  • Funding Sources: It’s noteworthy that more organizations won major new funding sources (37%) than lost them (20%), sparking discussions about revenue mix and coping with rising expenses.
  • Defining Impact: Defining and measuring impact continue to be challenges for 49% of organizations, underlining the importance of clear impact assessment.

We’re thankful for everyone that contributed to our pulse check. Your perspectives are valuable and help to inform both us and your peer organizations.

If you’d like to dive deeper into the results or discuss how they relate to your organization’s goals, please reach out to us at 



Photo by Joshua Chehov on Unsplash