What We Do

Spectrum builds sustainable organizations designed for community impact.

How We Do It

Partner to answer strategic questions

Develop adaptive strategic directions

Strengthen nonprofit business models

Determine strategies to pay for impact

Coach implementation of strategic plans

Articulate and assess organizational impact

Build capacity through peer cohorts

Analyze finances and determine the cost of impact

Develop financial leaders throughout the organization

Our Approach

We take a unique approach to our work with nonprofits that emphasizes resilience, adaptivity, and dynamic decision making. We bring tools, knowledge, and perspective to each engagement so organizations can truly own their strategy and business model.

  • Deep integration of finance and impact in an accessible manner

  • Ability to have hard discussions and make hard decisions

  • Collaborative and individualized partnership with board and staff

Our Services

Where do we go from here?

Spectrum’s approach to strategy is rooted in the integration of finances, impact, and leadership. We provide knowledge and tools, and outline initial priorities that allow organizations to respond to internal and external influences in an ongoing, strategic manner. By developing shared leadership and collective understanding, organizations’ strategies can remain relevant far longer, resulting in greater impact and a financially viable future.


How do we weather uncertainty and change?

In today’s dynamic environment, nonprofit business models can evolve quickly. To be sustainable, leaders must make strategic decisions with or without a strategic plan in place. Spectrum partners with clients to understand their business models, assess critical community influences, develop revenue strategies, and hash out challenges that leaders face.


What is the change we want to see in our community? If our organization went away today, who would it matter to and why?

A shared understanding of what your organization wants to accomplish in your community is the first step in achieving impact. Expressing your organizational value in a concrete way that identifies specifically for whom you exist and how you demonstrate impact can encourage investment in your organization and support a sustainable business model. Spectrum aids organizations in articulating and assessing the impact they have and devising strategies to accomplish it.


How much does our impact cost? What’s the most sustainable way to fund our mission?

Great strategies without the necessary financial resources are simply dreams. Our approach to financial strategy guides clients to better understand their true cost of impact, profitability and revenue mix before identifying strategies to align mission and money. Spectrum builds financial literacy and leadership through practical tools organizations can implement immediately.

How can we scale our mission impact by supporting multiple nonprofit organizations?

In order to accomplish their missions, foundations, nonprofit associations, and other conveners and networks seek to have a positive impact on multiple, oftentimes disparate organizations. Spectrum facilitates nonprofit cohorts through custom-designed strategy processes. Organizations not only benefit from Spectrum’s management expertise, but also develop peer networks through which common problems are tackled and partnerships forged.


Ways To Partner


Speaking, Workshops, and Trainings

Cohorts of Organizations

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