The 2015 Wisconsin Nonprofit “Size and Scope” report provides an overview of Wisconsin’s nonprofit sector.  This overview — which includes details on the state’s nonprofit revenue and increasing number of nonprofits — is designed to promote a greater understanding of the role that nonprofits play in the well-being of Wisconsin’s citizens.
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Source: UWM Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management

“In order for the nonprofit sector to be effective in fulfilling its key roles and to prepare for the future, nonprofit leaders, board members, funders and other stakeholders must have reliable information about the state of Wisconsin nonprofits and the environment in which they operate.  While there is much information available from various sources there are currently a few places where one can get a solid overview of the Wisconsin nonprofit sector.  This report seeks to address this gap by providing key information on the composition and basic characteristics of the Wisconsin nonprofit sector, broadly defined” (page 1).