By: Steve Zimmerman

Over the past year, our dynamic world has tested nonprofits. Marginalization of key constituencies, discussions around the role of politics and nonprofits, and new uncertainty about the future of philanthropic giving have shaken the sector and thrust nonprofit missions into the national spotlight while generating more demand for meaningful services. Leaders and their teams, driven by a relentless commitment to organizational mission, strive to meet this need through innovative program design, efficient staffing plans, and strategic financial decisions. Working in concert with others, they’ve shown that turbulent times will be met with genuine dedication to the ones they serve.


To maintain impact in the face of adversity, nonprofits will need everyone to view themselves as leaders. Whether serving as a board member, the Executive Director, or a frontline program assistant, the nature of the day requires leaderful engagement from all. Through a lens of shared leadership, Spectrum Nonprofit Services equips staff and the board with the tools and tactics to be more transparent about their finances, programs, and community influences. Facilitating this kind of openness among all levels of an organization lays the groundwork for honest discussion about the organization’s future and the ways in which it can be more oriented toward sustainability and greater impact.

While the challenges the sector faces may not be entirely new, they are sophisticated, and require ongoing attention, not just during episodic strategic planning. We’re very fortunate to have partnered with so many inspiring organizations last year, outlined in our 2017 Annual Report. We look forward to growing with you, learning alongside you, and continuing our work because of you this year.


(Photo by on Unsplash)