Strong leaders and nonprofits constantly learn and adapt. Facing an array of changes from dynamic markets to shifting revenue sources, these people and organizations understand that to be relevant and sustainable, they will have to evolve. But who will we listen to and include in decisions that change the way organizations do business? Are we actively seeking input from those we serve or relying on what we think our constituents need? Are we depending on an executive director to have all the answers or are we distributing ownership of the organization beyond the C-suite? Are we only willing to think strategically when our last plan ran out, or do our systems and practices support the ongoing adaptation of our strategy?

We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with many innovative leaders, listening to their concerns, and attempting to design and facilitate customized strategy processes that strengthen the organizations that they represent. Thank you for inviting us in. We look forward to continuing to face and solve challenges with you in 2019.